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Head in the Cloud

Head In The Cloud

Time is a precious commodity in today’s world, and as a result we are all continually looking for ways to improve efficiencies and automation of the medial tasks that plague our day. But when it comes to your small business bookkeeping solution, the answer is simple… get in the cloud.


What is the cloud?

The cloud is now commonplace in computer talk, and is the name we give to computer resources that are provided to the user through the internet or similar program. It allows users to easily access data on numerous devices and allows greater collaboration of information between a business owner and their advisers. 

The Small Business Owner with no time

Many small business owners find themselves spending hours every month just with the administration of their organisation, instead on improving and growing their business. We talk with clients regularly regarding their issues and concerns, with the general consensus being there simply isn’t enough time to complete the more arduous albeit required tasks for any small business. With time a precious commodity for everyone, at SHB in Warrnambool we strive to provide our clients with programs and practices that eliminate manual data entry. 

Time Savings

At SHB, we have been promoting cloud accounting software and its benefits for a number of years now, and we thought it best to provide a realistic understanding of the actual time a program like MYOB or Xero can have for a small business. Below is an info graphic breaking down the time spent by an average small business with in a normal month using desktop software in comparison with a cloud-based solution.

Savings of Cloud Accounting - Website

As you can see the results are evident that the time saving a cloud based solution can provide. We saw on average a saving of 6 hours every month, with the majority of clients saving well over half of their normal time spent on the bookkeeping of their business. The results breakdown time spent on customers and payroll, two areas we have seen historically the greatest time spent by small business, and we believe many out there are still spending far too long on tasks that simply can be automated or provided in a much more efficient manner. 

Contact SHB today and get a comprehensive review of your software needs, and let us help you save time and improve your business.

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