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Don’t Be Forced Onto Pointless And Unkown Software By Your ‘Trusted’ Adviser

Don’t be forced onto pointless and unknown software by your ‘trusted’ adviser

Many firms are now pushing clients towards a single software solution. From the start up contractor to the biggest of manufacturers, many business advisers are seeing you as a single commodity with a one size fits all approach when it comes to accounting software.

  Software options

 The Old Way

Business owners were left with the unenviable task of sorting through the countless bookkeeping options available. Based on the desktop a business owner would transmit the data to their trusted adviser using USB, a CD or even a floppy disk. Software providers targeted the business owner through innovative solutions based on producing time savings for the user.

The Change

Software providers begun targeting firms with the hope of gaining hundreds of clients through pleasing just one team of accountants. Offering incentive based schemes with kick backs and promotional material many software providers have been successful in convincing firms to push clients onto their single bookkeeping solution.

 The New Way

Advisers and accountants ‘priding’ themselves on being a Xero aligned firm or promoting themselves as experts of a single program. By providing no alternative but to fit inside the parameters of their accountants ideals and being sold on the information that there is only one suitable solution, business owners are often times being left with a program (and the costs!) that simply doesn’t fit their needs.

Accounting firms, by choosing one solution for their client base, ensure they are tied to a provider regardless of the innovations of their countless competitors. You as a user and business are stuck with a program and no option to change and grow your business.

The SHB Way

We spend the time with you assessing your business’ requirements before providing a systematic software solution from a range of providers based on your current needs and the burgeoning opportunities we believe you may encounter.

By not aligning ourselves with a single provider we are able to offer our clients a wide range of solutions for their business. Our knowledge is not limited to a sole product and we will not sell you on an idea that one size fits all when it comes to your bookkeeping solution.

Contact SHB today to get a comprehensive review of your software needs and don’t get held back by your accountant and their single minded ideologies.

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