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Healthy Mind-Healthy Business

Healthy Mind-Healthy Business

Are you interested in making mental health an achievable focus in your business?

Due to the pressures associated with running a business many small business owners find themselves particularly susceptible to experiencing mental health challenges.

Stressors that can impact on mental health include areas such as cash flow, isolation, working while sick, multiple responsibilities, working long hours and the tendency for small business owners to often neglect their personal mental health and wellbeing.

Supporting small businesses to navigate these stressors is a key focus of the “Ahead for Business“initiative.

The ahead for Business app assists small business owners to get ahead in business by connecting you with practical tips, tools and programs.

Ahead for Business” is a fit-for-purpose digital initiative which connects small business owners to a suite of tools, programs and resources, consequently empowering them to play an active role in their own mental health and wellbeing.

To access resources that may support you and your Business, follow the link to the Ahead for Business Website.

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