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Small business benchmarks

Small business benchmarks!

The end of financial year is a stressful time for small business owners and their tax agents alike. Make things easier for you and your accountant by reviewing your business benchmarks this financial year.

The ATO publishes small industry benchmarks to assist in the comparison of a business performance against potentially similar businesses in the same industry. The benchmarks are calculated from income tax returns and activity statements from over 1.3 million small businesses.

Use the business performance check

The easiest and quickest way to see how your business compares to competitors is by using the business performance check tool.

Just enter your details in the tool, and it will calculate and compare the data you entered using the benchmarks to quickly show how your business compares to your competitors.

Download the app and compare

You can find the business performance check tool by:

  1. downloading the ATO app from the Google Play or Apple App Store
  2. go to Business
  3. select Business performance check
  4. have your information ready and enter the figures into the tool
  5. compare your business performance.

The personal information you enter isn’t recorded and will only be used for completing the tool.

Follow the attached link to find the right benchmark for your industry.

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