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SHB Business and Wealth Advisers

We’re SHB. A dedicated accounting and finance practice based in South West Victoria. Our mission is simple, how can we put you in a better position tomorrow than you are today.

We’re experienced, but that doesn’t mean we’re not dynamic. Our story begins almost 35 years ago, with the establishment of a professional accounting firm in Warrnambool. Today, we have evolved into a leading business and wealth advisory service.

Our established partners still remain, with a wealth of knowledge that can only come with their experience. However, our team also offers youth and expertise in both legislation and technology, and our service is always progressive and personalised.

How Can We Help You

Accounting and
Business Services

We love numbers, so you don’t have to.

We have expertise across all business types to best analyse and improve your tax position. We’re passionate about helping individuals and businesses, by offering accounting services that are affordable, simple, and available to the entire community.

Online Solutions

Manage your business and finances anywhere and anytime.

Like you, we want to continually be ahead of the curve. We all want to be using tools that enable us to work effectively and efficiently, creating more capacity within our business.

Financial Planning

Strategies beyond the ordinary.

We want to ensure you have a thorough understanding of your finances and provide you with the guidance and support to achieve your financial goals.

Lending & Broking

If you didn’t realise already, we’re numbers people.

Buying a property, car, or piece of equipment can be a daunting experience. Whether you are re-financing, downsizing, or investing there is always a lot to consider when taking out a loan.

What Makes Us Different

Why Businesses Choose Us

Dedicated and down to earth

At SHB we value every client relationship. Our down to earth and practical approach is designed to provide you, your family, and your business with optimum financial wellbeing.

Your financial needs
taken care of under one roof

Our experienced team of Accountants, Financial Planners and Lenders will work with you, and each other to achieve your goals.

Client satisfaction

Whilst we offer value for money, our quality of advice is never compromised. We are passionate and committed to providing our clients with a high level of service, and encourage interaction & collaboration between our team and our clients.

Local knowledge and expertise

Locally owned and operated, we provide excellent local knowledge and work in partnership with our clients. Our highly skilled and informed team is responsive and productive in providing financial solutions and opportunities that benefit our clients.

Take the stress away

We focus on making it easier for our clients and business owners to get the help they need, so they can focus on what’s really important to them. Our team can handle correspondence from the ATO to Centrelink, you can be confident we will work with you to improve your work-life balance.

MYOB and Xero certified

We are MYOB & Xero certified and Practice Partners. We have extensive knowledge in Cloud accounting software and can tailor business software solutions that work for you. We provide the initial set up, training, and ongoing support to clients in need of assistance.

Meet Our Team

Meet the SHB team

Get in touch with your local Accountants &
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