Our Story

Welcome to SHB, your trusted partner in accounting and finance, right here in South West Victoria. We’re more than just an accounting firm; we’re your pathway to a brighter financial future. Our mission is crystal clear: we’re dedicated to positioning you in a better financial state tomorrow than you are today.


With nearly 35 years of history in Warrnambool, our journey began as a professional accounting firm. Today, we stand tall as a premier business and wealth advisory service. We’ve maintained our seasoned partners, whose wisdom is steeped in experience. However, we’ve also embraced the energy and expertise of a youthful, tech-savvy team. This blend ensures that our services are always cutting-edge and tailored just for you.


Our commitment to innovation and technology isn’t just talk; it’s at the core of our ethos. When we spot an opportunity to enhance your experience, we spare no effort to make it happen. We firmly believe in progress, and we’re dedicated to delivering it to you.


At SHB, we offer unbeatable value without ever compromising on the quality of our advice. We foster a culture of open communication and collaboration between our team and our clients. We’re not just a service provider; we’re your partners on this financial journey.


Our teamwork is the secret to our success. Every department at SHB collaborates closely to ensure you have access to expert advice on any financial or business matter. Our practical, down-to-earth approach is all about securing the best possible financial well-being for you, your family, and your business.

Welcome to the future of finance. 


Welcome to SHB. Together, let’s build a brighter financial tomorrow.

Our Philosophy

The SHB team are here to help you achieve one thing, and that’s get you where you want to be.


We can’t pretend to know exactly what your situation is, but we do know that there are some common challenges that we can help with, and our innovative team of experts will work with you to achieve and expand your potential. 


SHB is committed to setting a new and higher standard for the way we do business.


It’s not just about numbers. It’s about bringing order and simplicity. Bringing peace of mind and confidence to kick some goals, doing what you love.


Let us show you how much better tomorrow can be. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we believe that quality advice changes lives, and if executed well, growth is effortless.


The right advice gives you options, so that you can adapt with confidence as your life changes and evolves.


We are motivated by innovation and growth and always strive to deliver a progressive and purposeful service.


Welcome to a new era of business
and finance. 

Our Culture

At SHB we value progress over perfection and our team lead the way with open minds and progressive ideas. Quite simply, our people are the best.


We’re committed to you, your goals and to finding better ways to manage your business and wealth.


Although you’ll find us in business attire and possibly sipping on a latte, we’re not your typical accountants and financial planners.


We’re down to earth, value a joke and will provide you with a personalised service you won’t find anywhere else.

Our People

Our Team Members are the heartbeat of SHB Business and Wealth. 
We firmly believe that our success is tied to the dedication, talent, and passion of each member of our team. 
At SHB, we foster a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and continuous growth, where every voice is valued and every contribution matters. 
Our team is not just a group of individuals; we are a closely-knit family united by a shared vision and commitment to excellence. 
Together, we strive to make a meaningful impact on our clients, our community, and each other, driving us towards our long-term vision of innovation and success.

Our Benefits and Rewards

At SHB, we understand that our people are our greatest asset. We are dedicated to creating an environment where our employees not only excel professionally but also find fulfillment and happiness in their careers. 
Our comprehensive benefits program is designed with the understanding that each individual has unique needs and priorities. 
That’s why we offer a holistic range of benefits and rewards, both financial and non-financial, tailored to support our team members in every aspect of their lives. 

From competitive salaries and bonuses to flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, wellness programs, and more, we strive to empower our employees to thrive both inside and outside the workplace. 
Because at SHB, we believe that when our team members are taken care of, they can reach their full potential and contribute their best to our collective success.

Celebrate with our Social Club

Engage with people across the business with our Social Club, come along to a range of events to fill up your social calendar. Food van lunches, barefoot bowls, baking competitions and Friday lunches!


Refer a client bonus

We understand that our employees play a pivotal role in expanding our client base and creating new avenues for growth. Hence, we offer a generous bonus as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the company’s success.

Health and wellbeing 

To support your overall wellbeing in both your work and home life – this includes things like flu vaccinations, fresh fruit, mental health programs, an extended Christmas break and flexibility with how you work.

Paid study leave and professional memberships

Paid study leave, memberships and course fees for approved relevant qualifications.


Leadership & Development Program

Aligned with our vision of being industry trailblazers, we prioritize developing an agile workforce through professional training and development experiences. This includes conferences, webinars and on-the-job experiences.

Team HQ

Relax and recharge in our fantastic facilities. Enjoy our team room with a pool table, table tennis, and TV with streaming services. Take a break with board games and a freshly brewed cup of coffee from our coffee maker.